“Am I a cat?” A poem by yours truly, published one year ago today. http://minibego.com/2016/02/am-i-a-cat/ Am I a cat? I bask in the sun, I lay in your lap, I find my own way, I don’t like other cats. You find my white hair On anything black. I’m fastidiously clean And I love to nap. Am I happy to see you? Without a single doubt. It’s not like I chase you But I’m always around. I’m sure that you know What I do at night. I come back to you I’m glad it’s enough. When I climb to bed, I claim the warmest spot. Those arms on my chest Make me wanna purr. Except when they don’t. I’m up, I’m awake. I jump up and down. Get outta my way! I’d like to be more human In other people’s eyes. They see me as a mutant I see through all their lies. I might be a bit feline But I’m not your cat I don’t own you either You can hold on to that. —@minibego, Rome, Italy, november 2015 Photo: Cat's eyes, by Martin Cooper (flickr, BY)