Am I a weirdo who loves creating fictional stories?

Here's a question some people ask me and heck even I ask myself, am I weirdo? Am I one of those people who loves the weirdest things and believes there is an alternative universe? First off you might be wondering why am I even asking this question. The reason is because look at my portfolio they are mostly science fiction and the kind of books that people look at me weirdly. Many people ask me where do I get the ideas from.

Simply put it this way, I have quite the imagination and I'm in love with writing things that allow me to numb myself from the tough reality we live in today. Honestly, I hate reality and wish we could enter a world without boundaries. Where we could fly, where we can stay underwater for a very long time and one that we could enter any time period we desire. I love to enter a black hole one day just to experience what would happen to me, who knows I might just enter a weird new dimension such as the Dimension of Illusions in "The Thousand Years War". Honestly, I hate what reality has become and I would just love a utopia, but I know that's something that can only be achieved in the imaginary world.

If you ask me am I a believer, I would answer you that I do believe in the extra-terrestrial ad that's just the way I am. I believe in crop circles and I believe that there is life on other planets that are watching over us right now. Does all this make me a werido? perhaps so. However, I'm proud to have my beliefs because I feel like I could write just about anything without any trouble and my ideas come naturally.

The point of this article is to let others know that we sci-fi writers are a special breed of writers and not just anyone can be a sci-fi author. As a sci-fi author, you must be willing to think "outside the box" and it's something you must be passionate about. The trick is to let out your inner geek and love for the sci-fi world. In fact, it's the perfect genre to write in if you want to numb yourself from Donald Trump the clown, the media garbage and the garbage music we're tortured to hear now.

So to all authors out there, I believe in UFO's and believe in the paranormal. I'm not ashamed of it, as far as I'm concerned it makes me a much better writer.