AMAD3U5: Exploration Vessel
3D modeling work by Arhanta Studio member: B. Clune.

Olimax's primary exploration vessel, "AMAD3U5" (Am-ah-day-us).

Pictured here is the early Prototype version 2 of the ship's core body, without revealing its flexible solar wing-sails. 

It's powered by energy emitted from almost any type of Star; the type and size of Star charges unique aspects of its functions.

It has a gravity core center, map rooms, a kitchen, study, toilet, break room and various vista points are found around the outer edges.  It can fly in any direction as needed.  

The center is where the mainframe computer is located, known as the "Master Squid" Console.  If Olimax goes there, he's editing the main code of the ship, which is rare and only implemented during an emergency (or annual upgrade).

More info will be posted at the Arhanta Comics reference library, stay tuned!