Amanda Palmer at the Patreon Office
HEY GUYS!!!!!!!!!!! thank you so much for the overwhelmingly awesome feedback about "bigger on the inside", i'm so glad you love it as much as i loved making it. zoe says thank you, too. we love you. this is starting to feel like an incredible family. a reminder: i'm going to bust out the first patron-only webcast tomorrow ! it's for EVERYBODY who's a patron, from $1-up, even though the general rule of thumb is that the webcasts are for the $10+ backers...this is a HELLO AND WELCOME party for all!! i have surprises planned...ironing my kimono, neil is swinging by, i'm bringing a ukulele, i'll take questions, pull up chat pals, and possibly even blow your minds with a special guest (working on it). TUNE THE FUCK IN!!!!!!!! 2 pm, PST (west coast time) LIVE from the patreon office in san francisco . here's the link... if you MISS It because you're working/in another time zone/etc... it WILL BE ARCHIVED for a very limited time - will send that link when we have it. AND AND AND --- if you're on twitter - i'll be taking over the @patreon twitter feed for a spell right before the webcast to warm everything up!! about 1:30... LOVE from the bay area.... afp
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