So, it occurred to me tonight that I've been making digital artwork for my Icon Alchemy astrology blog posts since December 29th, 2016, and I haven't been sharing them here with my patrons.   Of course, as soon as I thought it I knew this had to be remedied.

They vary greatly in quality, as I am still learning and experimenting, and I'll try not to inflict too many of the wartier ones on you all.  This one is one of my favorites, and it was the first moment when I thought that maybe I could actually get good at this.  It's named for my Mass Effect character, Amaranth Shepherd, named for an obscure amaranthine-coloured planet in the first game.  

This is actually the second version of Amaranth.  The first appeared with my January 11th post, in a more magenta colour.  I reworked that into this version in order to be closer to the colour of the aforementioned planet.  I'm not sure which one I prefer, but one of the things that I've been enjoying about working digitally is the ability to make multiple versions of the same piece, changing colour or texture or temperament to fit different moods and spaces.  

This is something that I got exposed to in the 90s via a class in graphic novel illustration, where I was introduced to the process of copying the initial inking of an illustration and then adding colour.  This allowed my to do different versions of the same piece, though it was much more laborious to do it by hand.  Then, when I got some prints made of some of my work, the ladies at the print shop were excited about some of the colour-altering settings on their new printer, and tried running a couple of pieces of my work through different settings.  They gave me the alternate versions, and I still consider one of them to be my preferred version of the piece - I matted it and still have it among the art pieces waiting to be hung in my new living space.

 Since I've been a fan of Warhol's Marilyn diptich since the early 80s, interest in the ability to alter the mood of a piece through creating multiple variants has been a long-running thread through my creative education and practice, so continuing that in my digital work is a natural progression.

I'll continue to post the best images from the backlog of what I've already been doing this month, and will start posting future art created for the blog.  My patrons will get to see more of the side experiments that I do in connection with this process.

Prints of this piece are now available in its original form on deviantART and on RedBubble in its original form here and in this post's alternate colour version here, where it can also be found adorning clothing and other useful objects.