Amazing Grace Hopper: life advice from a remarkable woman
As the inventor the first computer compiler and one of the developers of COBOL, Grace Hopper been a source of inspiration for folks working in computer science for decades. As one of the most prominent women founders of what is still largely a male field, she has become an important role model for women and girls striving to break down their own gender barriers, no matter what field they pursue.

Her wisdom can help us find strength when we need it most, and encouragement to keep working. Throughout her life she received numerous awards and honors for her work, but this week she received a very special award in recognition of her contribution as a role model and source of inspiration: the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

We may not be able to attend one of her lectures on COBOL and its importance for keeping businesses and governments operating smoothly, but I've compiled (get it!) a list of some important life lessons we can learn from her.