The Amazing Meeting
If any of you will be attanding The Amazing Meeting next month in Las Vages (, or if you live in the area, I look forward to seeing you there! 
I will be hosting a booth, and also reserving space at Insert Coin video game bar on Freemont Street (on an evening Jul 16-19th). Please send me an email if you might be able to attend!
Also, please help to advertise the Rising Star Grant ( which I am organizing to send young people to this fantastic conference - which Zach Weinersmith of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal is a keynote speaker!
Lastly, everyone who has contributed at the $10 level is already locked in to receive their free copy of Carbon Dating hardcover collection Sounds Sciencey - arriving soon! If you have been a $10 contributor and need to change your pledge, don't worry - I can see current and total pledge amounts and will make sure you're taken care of. Please feel free to message me anytime with questions! 
Thanks again for all your support, now that we're back from the Denver and Phoenix Comic Cons - more comics per week are coming soon!
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