"The Amazing Adventures of the Virologists” Part One - Vaccines (Demo Page 6)
"Hivi and his team of viruses (Ebola, Pox,..etc) believe they can win the battle, but the Virologists (who are real famous professors) beat them. However, new viruses pop-up, it will be a long battle. This makes the story very interesting and ever so engaging."

Based on Hard Cover Comics: https://www.amazon.com/Adventures-REG...

“We Are Very Much Thankful to:
Prof. Vincent Racaneillo (USA) - Columbia University
A. Prof. Andrew Marsh (UK) - University of Warwick
A. Prof. Gulfaraz Khan (UAE) - United Arab Emirates University
Dr. Ryan McNamara (USA) – University of Chapel Hill, NC
Dr. Sharon Kuss (USA) - UT Southwestern
Dr. Edward Emmott (UK) – Cambridge University
Dr. Basel Assaf (USA) - Pfizer
Dr. Hala Kutaish (Switzerland) – Geneva University
Michael Morales (USA)
Matthew Noe (USA) - University of Massachusetts Medical School
Michelle Bell (USA)
Angelo Varlotta (Italy)
Dr. Sam Million-Weaver (USA) - University of Wisconsin-Madison
Ghazi Abul Hosn - (NZ)
For Making the Production of this Movie Possible