The Amazing Pill
If you are wondering, yes, I had to post this again because Patron failed to charge patrons on the original post. Thank you for understanding!


First off... wow! Thanks for all the amazing support with this video!

This is my latest creation, wich took a lot of time and work to make. The day I finished "how 2 be a gangster" I started working on this idea i've had for months.

I'm going to make this a paid post, and I will really appreciate if you support this video, it took about 2 months to complete in the middle of school, with exams, with family trips, etc. Working super hard on weekends and some days of the week I had off. 

I hope you enjoy the video, see it more as an action mini clip instead of the classic MLG you all know. Stay tuned!!!

Much love, Materialisimo <3