I received the most amazing review ever this morning from another author from Victoria Australia

Mark Carnelley

· 19 hours ago


Book 1 of The Braxin King by John Dill

An orange talking alley cat that becomes a Queen, a theoretical physicist who becomes a King, inter-planetary/galactic travel powered by human brains and an alien assassin. No one else could put these ingredients in a blender and come out with this literary feast with all the trimmings.
John Dill has created not just an epic story but a four dimensional tapestry, woven together in a unique style with more than a dash of humour, utterly believable characters & a writing style that brings out pure empathy in his readers. This is a writer at the peak of his skill and showing no signs of slowing down.
I wanted an Andrew and fell for Andrea, who wouldn’t?
I grew up on a solid diet of science fiction with Isaac Asimov my all time favourite. John Dill has now replaced, in my mind, that icon. His Braxin King series will outdo Asimov’s Foundation books.
This is not just a great read, but a MUST read. John is an aficionado and his talent is on full display. You could almost believe that he has some inside knowledge of the Braxin mentality and uses more than 10% of his brain power!
If I could give more than 5 stars I would.
Absolutely brilliant.