Amazing W(indie)sday!
I thought I was just making another YouTube video. Turns out I was making a connection with one of my favorite independent artists! Nate Maingard's smoothly-written, positive tunes have been an essential part of my music library since I discovered him on Twitter. I admired the way he took the time to interact with his fans, his dedication to his art, and his messages about the real world. I almost quit trying to do music - but a combination of love & encouragement [and a loop pedal too! ;)] from some wonderful, wonderful friends, and watching the love Nate and his fellow wanderers had for their music, I decided to keep on keeping on. You can imagine, then, the height to which my heart leapt when the W(indie)sday cover I did of Nate's song - utilizing the loop pedal given to me by some of the aforementioned friends, and the time off work that my beautiful wife decided to relinquish me for - not only caught his eye, but got shared on his website! And now he has joined the ranks of all you wonderful Patrons. I'm so honored; connections like this are what I live for. Thank you everyone. You are why I do what I do. Love, Dustin.