Amber and the Twins
Hanging out with twins Brandon and Brian isn't always easy, as Amber is soon to find out in the Willem series. I just wanted to draw something with ink and markers because I haven't done so in a while and I am out of practice. I think I need to update my scanner settings for these type of drawings as the actual drawing looks way better than the scanned version. I have no idea why ambers hair looks so orange here, it looks yellow in person, haha. Oh well, I hope you enjoy it anyway! All three of my comics should be updating on time next week, starting with Devil Spy on Monday, WOH! on Tuesday and Willem on Wednesday. I'm really hoping to get the Willem Book Kickstarter started soon, but I still have some kinks to iron out. One of the main things is that because Willem is a color book, it is cost prohibitive for me to use Createspace again and I am considering Lightning Source for publishing. However, after reading about it a bit I am getting more nervous about trying out a printer I am unfamiliar with. If you have any first hand experience printing a color graphic novel, please message me! It will likely need to be a POD printer because (unless my Kickstarter goes well above my funding goal) I can't afford to do a huge print run. Any other advice you can offer me regarding the Kickstarter is also welcome, thanks!