AMD - week analysis .9 - where is the next station?
Good morning all.

This is the 1Day chart.

AMD is not an exception from the political issues that fell down almost all the U.S stocks, but AMD has a good persistence as it already was down, so what will happen next?

The current situation for AMD is that it is no floating and fluctuating in uptrend like a road with many obstacles, it can take (S1) support on the chart at (11.75) as the main support level, but also it may fell down to (S2) on the chart at (10.67) in case of more bad political news.

Otherwise, it has to break and establish above (R1) on the chart at (13.12) to confirm the buy-power from the investors and have some bright future to break the (R2) on the chart at (14.66) which is forming a strong resistance.

The next target will be the ultimate resistance point at (15.53) which is the All-Time-High of AMD, and the break out there with establishing above will lead to more positives.

It is expected to AMD for 2018 to be the beginning of the strong earning due to many factors one of them is the cryptocurrency demand, which will need more graph chips and the online servers that offer this mining service.

The overall signals on the 1Day chart are very positive and the reversal is expected soon for the short term.

Also, the Fibonacci indicator reinforces the supports lines (S1, S2) and give a free open uptrend, it may hit over (17) by the end of 2017.

On the 1week chart, it shows good positive signals that need just some few days of static movements or small drop, but on the long-term it gives and expectation for the target of (20) by the beginning of 2018.

Still, U.S stock and AMD in a bullish way and in the right direction, and October will be the result of our patience.

My advice is to buy at each support starting from (12.62) and below.

Have green days.ays.

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