America In a Virtual FreeFall
       We have the Oval Office so out of control, they are awakening at 3:33 AM to tweet for help from other Republicans, we have the President's propagandists talking about Hillary, Obama, anything that may stick so that the heat comes off the President, but nothing can take the spotlight off reality and the truth.

       In a desperate move to bring a moment of silence concerning Donald Trump, America can now safely state War on Christmas is definitely no longer, but now there is a war on 7-Elevens. All in an attempt by a racist bigoted President to erase America of anyone who may be of another skin color besides white. Sadly, it is giving ICE and other federal agencies a corrupt image and negative connotation. 

        An amazing record of 31 Republicans have announced they will not seek re-election to Congress, with more expected to announce in the coming weeks, and it’s no accident. Trump’s supporters and enablers behaved as if no one was watching as they pursued a reckless agenda that enriched their wealthy donors at America's Heartland expense, both financially and emotionally. You cannot continue to lie over 1900 times in one year, be caught at it and feel like you have hometown America's support. You do not incorporate a risen right hand and say hail Leader and believe that is not grotesque to every Veteran in America, and every family that lost a loved one during WWII.

       If America is to stop this onslaught of a tyrannical, and treasonous political firestorm, stopping the Trump agenda for good means taking Congressional control away from the president's Republican enablers. This is where America needs to determine, do you bow down and go back to the "Trumplican" party, do you go to the Democratic party so you embolden them to go on the same trajectory, or do you stand firm in your convictions that a liberal social agenda with a strong conservative budget is best, and since it is, I am going to support a Centrist?

       If America was to blame anyone for this outcome, blame the political parties that have tried in their own way to control elections through gerrymandering, money, lies, and outrageous promises. We knew that Hillary was not right for the position, but she was better than a television hack who has never really amounted to much. When does America find it interesting that Trump and Clinton have photos together and are financially tied through previous elections? The other choices in the parties were weak at best. America needs a strong leader, but one with a good character, strong moral compass, an integrity driven life, and the wisdom beyond their years. This was not shown by any of the candidates in 2016. America ended up with the worst of the worst criminal, and the worst of the worst braggadocios con-artist they could muster. If the election would have went the other way, we would have seen the first American Husband of the President, which would be an awesome experience if that husband was not Bill Clinton, the second busiest womanizing public servant to come to light. We would still be discussing Benghazi, Uranium, and a botched meeting with Russia. So if you turned to the right or the left, you would lose in 2016, and boy did America find the ills of losing in the election. The most amazing aspect was a man of integrity, warned America several times, and his name was Mitt Romney. His predictions of Russia, the middle east and his discussion concerning Trump prior to the election were exact beyond question. There was a second man, an ex-CIA agent who worked for the Republicans in Congress, but could not stand by and see America taken down the path that it was going with Hillary or Donald. Evan McMullin has the American fabric in his blood, his Patriotism is beyond reproach, but America ignored, and now are rolling in the muddied grounds of a man who lives like a pig. 

       Donald Trump has had so many issues in his lifetime from rape, to molestation, to fake heel spurs, to mob involvement, to racism, bigotry, money laundering, fake universities and charities, fighting VETS who were trying to live by having small carts of goods outside on sidewalks in New York, to lying about the competition, hiring aliens to replace American workers, to being business partners with George Soros. These are just some of the issues that could have been researched and brought to light during the campaign, but many were not, and what one heard was of the 13 failed businesses, but one never heard several other businesses now only have the Trump name and he is not allowed any type of business decision with them. We then have a 25 page map of the intertwined Russian and Donald Trump let's make a deal revelation. We still have people raising the Hail Trump sign, and excusing away the smoke of the open fire, from Flynn to Jr, from Ivanka to Donald, there is enough evidence to already state that Trump was clutching treasonous in his allowing of the ongoing, but the end result will be a Mueller indictment of full fledged Treason. Then Donald Trump needs to be treated as every other American treasonous person.

        Trump decided to let the whole nation, in fact the whole world, know just how vulnerable he’s feeling and how deeply yesterday’s release of the Fusion GPS disturbed him by taking to Twitter and firing off wild denials that only serve to increase the signs of guilt and foreboding doom that permeates the Trump administration and clings to its occupants. 

       But the lies are never-ending. This is not the greatest witch hunt ever. And Trump has much to worry about. His onslaught of begging the American Republicans to save him, could have been better thought out by a year of doing good works, showing compassion, and working to help America and not oneself.  Donald is not wrong when he states that the world is laughing, but they’re laughing at his unprofessional Twitter habits, at his laziness and his stupidity, and at the chaos and incompetence with which he and his cultist "Trumplicans" including those scheming grifters and deranged extremists have set about unraveling America as we know it. Being in control is a misnomer if Trump believes he and his land of Oz Kool-Aid drinkers are not in control. “REPUBLICANS SHOULD TAKE CONTROL!” Donald screams as a Republican president, presiding over a Congress entirely strangled by Republicans and the majority of statehouses and governor ships in the nation. Exactly what is Trump begging for? Is it protection? Protect him from what if he did nothing incorrectly and is innocent of all treasonous and illegal maneuvers. Mueller will find that information and report it as such. But Donald Trump knows how deep Putin slides his hands into Trump"s pockets.

       MAGA was supposed to mean Make America Great Again, but America has always been great and even at its lowest ebb, was still the shining beacon for the world. But for Donald MAGA means a couple different things like Make American Gangsters Awesome, or Mueller ain't going anywhere, or the latest Man-Child appeasement and groveling association. MAGA since it's inception by Donald has done everything besides make America Great.

       We have seen the Steele Dossier given in response by a UK spy worried and attempting to assist America to the latest Fusion GPS Dossier that went more in detail to the events of Trump and his band of Cohorts and court jesters. We have an ex-talk show host that has higher ratings to be president than Trump, while he supported a child molester in a run off Senatorial bid that lost and now to the latest Joe Arpaio running for office, while felons in the same state are banned from voting as he runs for a political office. We discover that Trump finally discovers the great wall of ignorance does not need to be completely solid and can be wire fencing in some areas while electronically surveyed in other parts. 

       There are pendant storm clouds overhanging this White House and its current resident, Donald Trump. Strange how often his own tweets Indict this foolish President, or give more fuel to the fire against others in his cabinet or in Congress. One would not be out of realm to state this man is either a dual personality, or a desperate man beating himself crazy in the halls of the White House. When his security detail ask him what happened, he describes a loud mouthed old fat man beat him up. "From Liar Liar"


“We are going to take a strong look at our country’s libel laws so that when somebody says something that is false and defamatory about someone, that person will have meaningful recourse in our courts. And if somebody says something that’s totally false and knowingly false, that the person that has been abused, defamed, libeled, will have meaningful recourse.
Our current libel laws are a sham and a disgrace and do not represent American values or American fairness. So we’re going to take a strong look at that. We want fairness. You can’t say things that are false, knowingly false and be able to smile as money pours into your bank account. We’re going to take a very, very strong look at that. And I think what the American people want to see is fairness.”

       This is a direct assault against the first Amendment and the news networks. This is a tyrannical authoritarian approach to only allowing propaganda to slither out of the Oval Office. The president’s rage against the media has grown in intensity in recent weeks. The crescendo will be when Mueller is coming to report to Congress and the American People, and there is the knowing by Donald Trump, that Impeachment and Prison could be the minimum for his treasonous actions.


       The more that you watch the actions of this President, the more you see that the story by Ivana and Marla of him reading  Hitler's Book "Mein Kampf" is becoming more and more a reality and not just an interesting back story. One sees many of the ideals that Hitler believed are manifested in the actions of one Donald Trump.

 " Realizing the German man's fondness for uniforms, the SA adopted a brown-shirted outfit, with boots, swastika armband, badges and cap. Nazi uniforms along with the swastika symbol would become important tools in providing recognition and visibility, thus increasing public awareness of the Party."

A crowd that Adolf was speaking to is above and Adolf Hitler Speaking below.

       One could easily compare this paragraph to that of Donald Trump. 

 Much to his advantage, however, he enjoyed a following among upper class socialites who were strangely drawn to this charismatic but socially awkward man. Hitler delighted in their attention and their money. He wound up with a brand new red Mercedes in which he was chauffeured around the Bavarian countryside taking in the sights with his Nazi companions 

              One would say that Adolf Hitler craved a spotlight, whether positive or negative, and he had an office and a minister of propaganda. 

 Berlin proved to be a training ground for the future Propaganda Minister. He skillfully used good and even bad publicity to get the Party noticed. He organized meetings, gave speeches, published a newspaper, plastered posters all over neighborhoods, and provoked confrontations with Marxists. Party membership grew. 

       Through all of these incidents, or planned events, it is easy to see that Donald learned a method of controlling a country. Since humankind seems to sell itself to the highest bidder, Donald needed billions more than he had at his disposal. This is where Russia comes into the picture, and why they are such an intricate part of the formula. Their knowledge of harsh treatment against instigators while reporting Propaganda has been employed over and over by the Communists after Adolf began it in WWII. Take the President who is "cleansing" America, controlling the Media, offering Propaganda, the path is clear for not a one term President, but one who has aspirations of many decades of his family running the country as a combination of Communism and Nazism, while tenting over by an image of Democracy. 

       America has become lazy in its daily diligence, and has began the spiral. The young feel the need to have others do for them, what they can and should do for themselves, and in this course of action are allowing the threat of a communist state to take hold. They find being told what to do not a bad choice anymore. Poor economies where people see no real American Dream at the end of the street lends itself to the spiral. The lying, crookedness of once respected offices and leaders have disillusioned many. The demands for special interest groups have outnumbered the average person, so a resentment towards races, genders, religions, and sexual preference are at a standstill if not back sliding. The destruction and disrespect for the American flag has become common place. Life is a battle between abortion, and planned deaths through criminal activity or non-medical assistance, corporations take more and more from workers while demanding perfection, but paying less than a livable wage, taxes whether against the individual or a business is out of control, a deficit, that our Grandchildren will be attached to, is out of control, vulgarity and sexual deviance is occurring everywhere without the people thinking to keep it from small children, or others who may not wish to see it, but then social sites try to be the police of the first Amendment, but the laws pertaining to open forum social sites are different than private homes, and they can have community standards, but in a court of law, freedom of speech is still a Constitutional right and their attempt to stop others from that freedom is illegal.

       Laws made to control an individual appear and the individual is told it is to protect them, but takes away their God given and Constitutional rights, and vulgarity is accepted over wisdom, integrity, honor and a moral compass. The United States can be sized up in the Biblical story of Sodom and Gomorrah. Today America has chosen the wrong path as of late and if not corrected will continue the downward spiral that began 10 years ago. America must right her ship, must become the Beacon of hope first and foremost for her own people, then immigrants and then other countries of the world. America cannot logically speak out against atrocities until it cleans up its own backyard, and with the illegal shenanigans of political leaders, there are many to remove.

       This long article is just a beginning of righting that ship, and that is by accepting reality over propaganda, understanding a tyrants mind, comprehending the importance of your own civic duty, taking responsibility for your own actions, and once again bringing that beautiful City upon the Hill back to America.