American Idol, Photoshoot for upcoming albums, :)
Hi Friends! This is super random, but I got asked to play on American Idol tomorrow night with one of the contestants, so if you watch the show, you may see me and my electric cello playing onstage for a minute or so! It airs live Thursday, March 19, at 8PM/7PMc. Also, I just did a photoshoot 2 days ago for album artwork for my upcoming CD's- one is going to be of Soundtrack covers (like Gladiator, Schindler's List, and Kung-Fu Panda!) called 'Hollywood's Greatest Hits.' The other, called 'Cello Metal' (I know, so creative) will be an all-metal album, with 5 covers of Metal Classics and 5 originals. I can't wait for you guys to hear the new music! Also, this photo was taken by the amazing Viktorija Pashuta and I think it will be used for the cover art for 'Hollywood's Greatest Hits.' Let me know what you guys think! <3 Hugs and have an awesome evening! Thank you so much for your support and awesomeness :)