An American Retro Gamer in Germany Part 2: PAL Game Pick Ups Visiting Music & Games in Ahrensberg
In this video we discuss or recent visit to Music & Games in Ahrensburg Germany and our NES & SNES pickups.

I didn't have much time to sight see while working in Germany in February of 2018 but I was able to do some and get awesome pickups to add to my collection and share with others.

Across the street from the hotel I was staying at was a little hole-in-the-wall store called Music & Games. I had dismissed this until I walked by one day and peaked in the window to see SNES & NES games in a display case. Ok, I needed to check it out, and I'm glad I did.

The store was an eclectic mix of second-hand items, from old records and vinyl to speakers, PS3 and PS4 Games, Xbox 360 & Xbox One, even Game Boy, Gameboy Advanced & 3DS Titles. 

they did not have any NES games on display so I had to ask to see them. And what they brought out amazed me, three games all complete in-the-box. That includes the manuals, the game sleeves and promotional posters. for Super NES they had a pretty decent selection of about two dozen games of which I picked 3 up as well.

What I bought:


All of these were CIB and in amazing shape:

Marble Madness


Swords & Serpents


These were loose carts but still in great shape:

Stunt Race FX

Super R-Type


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