AML pinup

For todays post, I figured I would do another step by step for you but for something specific. 

My friend Matthew Hoddy is the cover artist for issue 8 of Lou Scannon (Due out very soon for those of you who follow it.) Matt currently has a kickstarter running for the second issue of his comic, AML. I've been a huge fan of his work since I stumbled across "The Saga of Metalbeard" a few years back (Seriously, the comic is genius) and AML is his new project. 

I've pledged my support to his Kickstarter because he even has a tier that allows you to get issues 1 AND 2 together in physical format! Hell, for just $2 you can get issues 1 and 2 in DIGITAL format!! Bargain!

So I wanted to do some fan art for the new book as well as show support in whatever way I can and so I've drawn up this which is (Loosely) based on something that happens in issue 2.   If you're curious about the project and want a look or are interested in showing an Australian living in Canada who has done art for a Welshman support, then please check out his Kickstarter here:  I'll be posting the step by step for this image for the $3+ patrons shortly!