Ammy OOC Butt Wiggle (APR)
So I don't have much to offer in term of progress behind the scene, but I did make a version of this panel from Shark Quest of Ammy where she had no clothes.  The smile, blush and wiggle lines were added just now.

Really I drew her nude first and them added the clothes for the update.  Most time I draw the characters nude without most details and then add their clothes.  For this pic, I liked how she turned out enough to add a few detail and keep a version around.  I guess I wasn't too sure what to do with it, I knew making it a Patron drawing could be a thing, but the Patreon page wasn't flagged when I made this version so I've been sitting on it for a little bit.

Also I think I'll wait about 1 months before I post Patreon drawings around.  I just decided that just now.  It was 3 months before but I'm thinking it might be too long, so I'll go look into posting that Lucy pic around, probably later today though.

Also, I skipped March, so I'll be posting another thing soon...
But it'll be less nude and maybe less cool, I dunno.  Guess it depends on who you are. =P

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