Amonkhet #7 - Solution
Seven down, two to go. Thanks for the great continued response as we approach the end of Amonkhet season - only two more puzzles to go! 

June 28 will be the final leaderboard-scoring puzzle for this season. We'll then have two "just for kicks" puzzles after that, before the Hour of Devastation season begins on July 19.

Reminder: Even if you can't get it, submit something anyways!

Why? Two reasons:

a) Even an incorrect answer, or feedback submitted through the answer form, earn you 0.5 points. That's halfway to a correct answer, so what do you have to lose?

b) At the end of the season, we are going to draw from among everyone who answered something each week to give away an Invocation!

Top 4 Puzzlers

Congratulations to our Top 4 for this week - Aaron Vaartjes, Allen Smith, Kyle Nisswandt, and Paul Seitz - who were the first four puzzlers to submit correct answers. 

The updated leaderboard can be viewed at

You'll notice that the leaderboard now also shows you how many points you earned this most recent week. (Thanks to Hugo Rodrigues for the feature suggestion!)

Getting it Right

This puzzle was in some respects simpler than other recent head-scratchers, but involved a very counter-intuitive line of play.

Illusory Wrappings doesn't remove blockers, so surely it couldn't be part of the solution, right? 

But then again, there's a Labyrinth Guardian in play that it can kill by just targeting, so that must be the line! But wait, then what good is Dead Weight?

Well, what if I told you those spells didn't provide removal, but evasion?

The Solution

1. +1 Gideon, making him a 5/5. Note that Gideon's emblem in play makes him a 6/6 and the Knight token a 3/3.

2. Cast Illusory Wrappings on Gideon, making him an 0/2 (well, 1/3 actually).

3. Cast Dead Weight on the Knight Token, making it a 1/1.

4. Attack with both creatures. Because of Behind the Scenes, neither creature can be blocked because your opponent's blockers all have greater power than them.

5. After blockers are (not) declared, cast Anguished Unmaking on Illusory Wrappings, returning Gideon to 6/6.

6. Your opponent takes 6 + 1 = 7 damage for lethal.

We hope you had fun, and remember that puzzling for Patrons begins again this week at 12:00 ET on Wednesday.