Amonkhet Season Prizes & Leaderboard
Amonkhet season begins April 26 and runs until June 27th. (The final scoring puzzle is posted on June 21st.)


The prizing for Amonkhet season is as follows:

1st place will receive one booster box of Hour of Devastation.

2nd place will receive one bundle (aka Fat Pack) of Hour of Devastation.

3rd and 4th place will each receive one of the Hour of Devastation Planeswalker decks (3rd gets first choice, naturally).

We will also hold a draw among all players who submitted a response to each puzzle in the season (right, wrong, or even just a puzzle review) for an Amonkhet Invocation or other Masterpiece (card to be determined).

Finally, all "Puzzlebreaker" solutions (those which achieve damage greater than what the puzzle asked for) will receive a set of Possibility Storm promotional full-art basic land alters (photo below!) in addition to the extra points earned.


The leaderboard can be viewed here:

Need a reminder for rules and such?

Details on points and scoring for this season can be found here:

Details on rules ans assumptions for this season can be found here: 

Good luck!

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