AMS v0.9.4C PTB Release

Hey everyone! 

Sorry about the late release but  there was a bug bothering me and it needed squashing! It actually took a  big chunk of the day and some outside help. But it got squished. Thank  you, K.V! Now, technically I AM still releasing the update on the 3rd  (it's only 9:44pm here)! Mwahah! So you can't complain x_X (okay, fine  you can and I will listen and take it lol). Anyway, let's get on with  it! 

As far as the new Character Creator goes, if you guys have any ideas to improve it let me know. I'd be open to suggestions.  

Also! **blows the awesome horn of greatness** WE BROKE A MILLION WORDS!!!! 

Words: 1,145,075
Lines: 55,631


v0.9.4C (Patron Test Beta (PTB))

Bug Fixes
- I fixed the Stat Window so it doesn’t display “Kissed, Confessed” etc of characters you haven’t met yet. So now once you meet a character it will display those particular fields as well.
- Fixed an error with the Masturbate Command where “player.feet=centaur” was throwing an error. Should be fixed now.
- Fixed an error with the Trick or Treat Pumpkin continually spawning in the Living Room.
- Fixed an error where looting the Trick or Treat Pumpkin in the Living Room or the Winding Wood caused the other to be looted as well.
- Fixed an error in the Ornate Bell Necklace (slow Cowtaur transformation) where it was saying “player.female” etc wasn’t recognized as a variable.
- Fixed the Fresh Water scripts in the Bathtubs and Sinks in the Withered Snag’s First Floor Bathroom. Kind of hard to create an object when it doesn’t exist anymore! Thank The Nine-Tailed Fox for all those awesome catches! Thank you so much!
- Fixed an error in the Juggle Skill Max Script which gives you x1.2 Maximum Carry.
- I also fixed some Maximum Carry problems throughout some random scripts because they were named wrong. Sorry about that! I double checked through the entire game however and fixed all the others too. I discovered this while finishing up the new Character Creator.

- I’ve begun work on completely remastering the Specialties. I’m making it so you can have more than one for starters. You’ll still get to choose one in the beginning, but the rest you must earn in-game. I’ll likely be adding a lot more of them too. I’ve gone through all the game code and removed all the old instances of where the Specialities were used and changed it all into the new code format.
- I’ve added brief Speciality descriptions and what specific Specialities do onto the Player Description (at the bottom). Anytime you acquire a new Speciality, it will show up there for you to check at your own convenience.
- New Speciality added for Males; Monkish. Which gives you +10 Maximum Health boost in the beginning.
- Pregnancy Counts have been added to the Player Stat page.

- I’ve streamlined all the Pregnancy Scripts to have the spacing that I’ve been implementing in the game to regulate it all (this took for freaking ever @[email protected] )
- I’ve added Pregnancy Count 0 (500 turns), Pregnancy Count 1 (1000 turns standard), Pregnancy Count 2 (1500 turns), Pregnancy Count 3 (2000 turns) to the game and to the new Character Creator. It’s possible to get all four scripts. Birthing has not been added to any of them yet. That scene is just a placeholder for the time being. But the rest are in there. Here’s what they cover (from the 1000 turn standard) with five variations per script:

---------------------------- 0 Months -----------------------------
Tingle-Tingle-Not Feeling Well.

130- If not "Maternal": 15% Miscarriage. 

If "Maternal": 5% Micarriage

Else - Sore Breasts. 

165- Feeling better -
195- Tingle.
220- If "Maternal": Increase Pregnancy x2= 4 Months Pregnant

If "Maternal" 45% chance: Increase Breastsize - Swollen Breasts.

 If not "Maternal": Increase Pregnancy= 2 Months Pregnant: Bloated. Increase to turn 440

---------------------------- 2 Months -----------------------------
260- 35% Chance: Increase Breastsize: Swollen Breasts.
295- Tingle.
320- 15% Chance Miscarriage  

Else: Sore Breasts. 

360- 35% Chance: Increase Breastsize: Sore Breasts.  

410- Increase Pregnancy= 4 Months Pregnant. - 3 Agility. 

35% Chance= Increase Weight: Bloated and showing. 

---------------------------- 4 Months -----------------------------
441- Flutter
490- Flutter
535- Flutter. Sore Breasts.
575- 35% Chance: Increase Buttsize + Feeling Sick.

 Else: Feeling Sick

610- If “Maternal”: Increase Pregnancy x2 = 8 Months Pregnant.  

If “Maternal” 45% chance: Increase Breastsize. 

If not “Maternal”: Increase Pregnancy = 6 Months Pregnant.

If not “Maternal” 25% chance: Increase Breastsize. Increase to turn 794

---------------------------- 6 Months -----------------------------
640 - No indigestion. Swelling(Edema). Backache --- - 2 Agility.
690 -- 35% Chance= Increase Weight + Increased Appetite + Swelling. 

35% Chance: Increase Buttsize + Swelling and Weight Gain. 

735 -- Womb Warmth. + 5 health
755 -- If “Maternal”: Increase Pregnancy x2 = Extremely Pregnant 

If not “Maternal” Increase Pregnancy = 8 Months Pregnant. 

---------------------------- 8 Months -----------------------------

795 -- Womb Warmth. + 5 health 

835 - 35% Chance= Increase Weight + Increased Appetite + Swelling. 

35% Chance: Increase Buttsize + Swelling and Weight Gain.

870 - Kicking 

910 - Lactation Begins

Not “Maternal” Increase Pregnancy = Extremely Pregnant

---------------------------- Last -----------------------------

950 -Lactation and Reflection
980- Lactation/Contractions
985- Lactation/Contractions
995- Latation/Kicking/Contractions
1000- Birth!

- Added General Bays to the game’s Help Guide Thank You Page! Thank you for getting back to me! :D
- Added Darth Victorious to the game’s Help Guide Thank You Page! Tada!
- Added Krysis Adelis to the game’s Help Guide Thank You Page! Hurrah!

- I’ve begun the remaster of the Withered Snag Laboratory Landing. I’ve already worked on the description and the first time entrance and broke it up into smaller paragraphs for easier reading. I’ve also began work on the Laboratory Landing’s water being interactive and making it sort of a mini-puzzle as well. It basically plays out like a mystery at first and you need to unlock different things about it to get the full interactivity from it. The first unlock is figuring out that the murky dark water is actually clear clean water; you can figure this out by trying to fill your containers with it, or by trying to drink it. 50% of the time you won’t but the other half of the time you will, in which you discover it’s normal water. Once you discover this, you can drink it at will. You can also swim in it at this point; either skinny dipping nude or just jumping in with your clothes on. If you jump in with your clothes on you have a 35% chance to get a Cold Status Condition. If you skinny dip, you don’t. Skinny dipping will be a little different as well depending on your Dominant Moods; Sympathy and Serious won’t allow you to skinny dip however. Anyway, once you drink a couple of times, you have a 65% chance to see something shimmering down at the bottom via the torch light. At this point, if you Swim, you’ll have a choice to go after the shiny thing at the bottom. If you don’t you can always come back later. If you decide to, then you have a 65% chance for three different loot tables; A Regular Loot Table, A Double and a Clothing one. You only have a chance to loot them once. You also lose all Lust whenever you Swim since it’s a cold shower from hell. That should do it for the Laboratory Landing!
- I broke up the text in the Hallow’s Shroud Pamphlet and fixed a couple of minor things like grammar/spelling etc.
- I’ve begun implementing the New Character Creator.
- I have added Gray Eye Color to the game.
- I’ve added Brown Skin Color to the game (so now there is Black and Brown).
- I’ve completely remastered the Character Creator from top to bottom. This is now Character Creator v2.0. Hurrah! Here are all the different categories you’ll see when creating your character. Some things within have become randomized as well.
Stats: See Stats during the Character Creation process. If “No” is selected you will not see the results of your choices until the game has started. Difficulty set to Regular.
Parent History: Dominant Mood Selection.
Family Reputation: Main Stat Selection.
Alias: Name/Alias Selection.
Gender: Gender Selection. Virgin Yes. Male Penis Size Varied (6-8-10 inches).
Gemstone: Eyecolor Selection.
Scenery: Haircolor Selection. Hairlength Selection.
Belief: Race Selection. Height Varied Depending On Race. Scale Selection for Dragon-Descended.
Ethnicity: Skin Color Selection.
Values: Stat Selection.
Moral Choice 1: Stat Selection.
Moral Choice 2: Stat Selection.
Advice: Stat Selection.
Pride: Skill Selection. Stat Benefits.
Weakness: Stat Selection. Sexy;Sarcasm Mood Dominant + 1 Lust.
Favorite: Stat Selection.
Best Skill: Skill Selection. Stat Selection.
Personal Skill: Speciality Selection. Skill Benefits. Stat Benefits. Escort/Suave Body Type Set. Escort +3 Lust. Maternal, Children Varied, Virgin False. Maternal, Half Pregnancy Time.
Eating and Exercise: Weight Selection. Body-Type Selection. Maternal, increase Hipsize by 1.
Work: Background Selection. Stat Benefits. Lip Size Varied. Male, Short Nails. Female, Long Nails.
Love: Sexuality Selection. Pregnancy Length Varied.
- Premade Characters have had their Specialities updated to the newest version but they are not tested yet. 


So  now that the first revamp of the new Character Creator is done, I can  continue work on the other things I plan on getting done. Details of the  mini-travel day and night events, more masturbation and entice scripts, more  remastering of Rold and the Laboratory area now that the Landing is  done. I'm also going to start looking to revamp and improve basic  combat. ^_^

Hope you guys enjoy.