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Congratulations on your promotion into the ranks of the UNDAUNTED. Now that you're here:
  • Once a month, you'll have advance access to an unpublished chapter from one of my novels-in-progress - and through voting each month, YOU'LL be taking charge of which novel gets finished (and published) first. 
  • Twice a month, you'll also have advance access to more personal bits of my non-fiction writing; you'll get to see my unpublished poetry, which I'm currently in the process of compiling into a book. 
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Now that you're a Corporal, you're entitled to a little something extra:
  • Reserved space on my personal 70-person mailing list. As a member of this limited list of trusted contacts, you'll receive personalized, signed Christmas and Birthday cards from the three highest-ranking members of the Undaunted Army - me & my girls!
  • Plus all previous rewards.
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