AMX CHAFFEE! - World of Tanks Console | Tank Request #18
World of Tanks: Xbox One - F224 AMX Chaffee Gameplay

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The 18th episode from my "Tank Request" series, the series where the viewer's comment, vote & dictate which tank I take out next in each episode! I hope you enjoy.

What tank should I take out next?! Here's how to have your say:

- Comment on THIS video, stating the name of the tank that you want me to take out in the next episode (any tier, any nation)

- If you see that the tank you want me to take out next has already been requested for in the comments, hit the like button on that person's comment

- The comment (tank) with the most likes, will be the tank I take out in the next episode of the series

- If I don't own the tank (because unfortunately, I don't own them all haha) on the comment with the most likes, the 2nd most liked, or 3rd most liked comment will be chosen in it's place

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- SiNz