Ana Valentine
Here's the last Valentine, woo! Hopefully I can get them all (including the Willem Kickstarter prints) to the printer soon. I hope you've all enjoyed them! I would like to send some valentines to my patrons as a thank you, so if you would like some, please email me with your mailing address: [email protected] 

This week I'll be working on getting the next few pages of DS pencilled plus a completed page for you on Sunday or Monday. I think I'm going to close the current chapter after page 61 (which was the page before the latest one you've seen). The story arc is taking longer than I anticipated to tell and the number of pages in the chapter is getting too long. So expect a chapter 5 title page this week as well.

I'll also be getting some more work done on the Willem book and hopefully completing a page of WOH! 

Thank you so much for your support, you all are RAD! :)