Anagama Firing Finito
This morning started with a light rain.  The Anagama had been kept at top temperature all night, and it was time to finish it off.  We kept side stoking, and then slowly filled up the firebox little by little, until it was full of embers.  After that, we fed 25kg of charcoal briquettes in the right stoking port, and finely split wood on the other side.  We closed up the air in the front, and then pushed the damper further in, and bricked up the front.  Leaving a little opening, Bart stoked wood in for the next hours through a little hole, creating a post fire reduction atmosphere, also know as striking, or firing down.  We're hopeful that between the charcoal and the post-firing, we'll get some interesting pots out!  We'll let you know how it goes on Saturday morning!
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