The Anagram Cannon
Anagrams never lie. Behold the true names of the backers of this Patreon.

  • Aly White: They Wail
  • Andi Smith: A Sith Mind
  • Andrew Obertas: Eastward Boner
  • Andrew Wise: Wees Inward
  • Brian Doty: Dainty Bro
  • Caryn Vainio: I, Vain? No, Racy!
  • Courtney Rayle: Lace Your Entry
  • Daniel Lamm: Meld Animal
  • Dave Hall: Held Lava
  • David "Yoda" Odie: I Voided Dada, Yo
  • Frédéric Fiquet: Deft Cirque Fire
  • Gary Burdick: Crab Dirk Guy
  • Gordon D. Duke: Nude Dork God
  • Hawke Robinson: No Bearskin? How?
  • Helen Brubeck: Keen Herb Club
  • James Herbert: Jester Be Harm
  • James Youngman: A Smug Man—Enjoy
  • Jason Haithcock: Chaotic? Ask John.
  • Jason Jenkins: Ninja's Nose (jk)
  • Jay Blanken: Be Lanky, Jan
  • Jeremy Spray: My Jasper Rye
  • Jim Wrench: I'm Wench, Jr.
  • Jimmy McMichael: Mimic My Jam, Lech
  • Joe Puhalla: Alpha Joule
  • Laura "Red" Scott: A Scarlet Tudor
  • Leslie Sedlak: Sallied Sleek
  • Margaret Russell: Mr. Gall's Treasure
  • Mark A. Carroll: Mr. All-Orca Ark
  • Mark Carroll: Mr. Ark Collar
  • Max Beckman-Harned: Ax Near Neck Bad, Hmm?
  • Moritz Schubert: Butt Smirch Zero
  • Nancy L. Vancil: Vinyl Clan Can
  • Osye Pritchett: Hypocrite Test
  • Paul Unger: Panel Guru
  • Rob MacLennan: Born Lanceman
  • Seth M. Davis: Death's Vim
  • Tecrogue: Cute Ogre
  • trit: [impossible]
  • Tyler Martin: Mr. Titan Lyre

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