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Analysis of Disney's Brave
Brave takes place in Scotland in a time where princesses were still carted off to be wed to whoever won a contest, decided by the princess in question.

Merida, however, doesn't like this idea and instead decides to have a witch cast a spell on her mom to change her fate which causes her mom to be turned into a bear and her dad to hunt the bear-mom down.

In the end all is made better and Merida is given the option to follow her own destiny.

The good points in this movie:

Merida is portrayed as pretty much hating the princess lifestyle and being messy and really good with a bow. Merida's mother seems to age well. This isn't your typical Disney love story. Merida has both of her parents which is a new thing for Disney.

The bad points:

In usual Disney fashion, Merida and her mother have a typical Disney princess face while the men in the movie have varied features. The witch is ugly.

I'm not versed enough on Scottish culture to say if there's any stereotypical Scottish stuff in the movie, but I do like that the singer for a couple of the songs seems to be either Scottish or Irish.

Overall, Brave is trending towards the positive as far as Disney movies go.