You guys interested in the Perpetual analytics? There is the estimated # of subscribers over time. This doesn't count youtube subscribers or other random downloads, which can range from an additional 0-3500 per episode. If y'all are interested, I can post stuff like most popular guests, downloads by country, etc. in due time. 
Tier Benefits
Perpetual Patron
$2 or more per month 75 patrons
  • My gratitude!
  • Advance notice of guests and the opportunity to send in questions for guests. 
  • Patron only polls, (re guests, music, features, etc.) 
Perpetual Partner
$5 or more per month 76 patrons
  • My gratitude! 
  • Same benefits as Perpetual Patrons PLUS...
  • Named on closing credits of the podcast
  • Name/Business listed on
  • Future considerations- (outtakes? bonus features?  you tell me) 
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