Anarchists are Amazing

The amazing thing about anarchists is that we are all over the place now. Our cry is being heard in every corner of the world, and it is not easily muffled by authoritarians. The internet has allowed us the opportunity to unleash these beautiful ideas with little censorship.

In this sense, we are loud. We are honest. We are truthful. Yet the most vocal of us are compassionate. This is causing the ideas to cascade in the minds of the masses. It is reverberating and it embedding itself into people's souls. There is no stopping the brilliant thrust of anarchism.

People are discarding the idea that anarchists want to lob bombs frantically and chaotically. They are starting to accept the idea that anarchists are lovers and peaceful warriors. They are internalizing the notion that anarchism equates not only to freedom, but to individual happiness. That is why the human potential movement and anarchism have become wedded. The two ideas are intrinsically intertwined.

These are awesome times we live in, and the world is starting to gear up for an anarchist, an anarchist evolution. The paradigm shift is well under way.

Are you on the same wavelength? Do you feel the freedom?

It is here. Rejoice.