Anastasia, Agent 23X
    Anastasia, Agent 23X was in a severe car accident that destroyed 90% of her body. Adam, along with his master mind subordinate, recovered her body and inducted her into one of the first in a series of experimental treatments to augment her body.
    She was only the 23rd subject to undergo the procedures, but she was the most severe case. The procedures are ranked in class and category by letters, “X” being the most severe and most dangerous. However, “X” is unlike any other class, in which the procedure includes heavy weaponization of the subject.
    Very few subjects survive the “X” procedures, but those that do are often destroyed later due to unstable mental states. Anastasia was the very first ever to survive and thrive through the “X” procedure and was especially thankful, and devoted her life to Adam.
    He rarely calls upon her due to her immense destructive power. When not on duty for Adam, she is permitted to act on her own and live her life as she sees fit. She lives a very normal life. She loves sports and enjoys painting as a hobby.