Anatomy Workshop in ZBrush
Hey guys! Sorry I'm a little late in posting this (schedule has been hectic!) but I wanted to put this up in case any of you missed it. I recently streamed an Anatomy Sculpting Workshop for ZBrush on so if you missed it, you can still catch it on Youtube! 

I've also been doing a bit of gaming on Twitch, so you can also find me playing Skyrim and Outlast in my past broadcasts or on my Yotube channel.


Please, if you are a fan of indie games, horror games or the games Bioshock or Dead Space, then check out this Kickstarter for Perception by The Deep End Games!

The game is being made by ex-Bioshock and Dead Space devs and it's a scary game about a blind girl who must explore a creepy old house at Echo Bluff. It looks awesome and you can expect to see me streaming it if is funded and able to be created! There are only a FEW DAYS LEFT and they are so close to being funded! Please help to make Perception a reality!

I'm not part of the team, I just really want to help these guys make this awesome looking game. =) 

Thanks to all of my lovely supporters for sticking with me! I love you guys! <3