It's been almost twenty years since the end of the war that killed 90% of the population of Earth.  It's the year 1987; the corrupted government that had taken control of the nation was overthrown through a revolution organized thanks to the telepaths who could avoid the dictators' communication surveillance nets.  The last nation on Earth has now enjoyed four years of peace and justice.  The newly found freedom has allowed the population to finally begin to evolve and to to improve human nature. 

Unfortunately, some of the greedy ex-tyrants have escaped the country and found refuge on a small island. There they have been plotting against the new leaders of the nation. Through some forgotten documents, they discover the existence of some very ancient machines they could use as weapons in order to take over again.  

However, some fragments of their thoughts are picked up by some telepaths, in spite of the artificial telepathic shields the ex-dictators have devised.  The quest for the ancient machines has started - will the new, just government of Earth get to them before the ex-tyrants do?


This album is the second chapter of the story and musical concept that began with "Future Rain," my album from 2013 entirely recorded with Tone2's great software synthesizer "Rayblaster".  Four years later (I'm writing this in 2017), here's its sequel, entirely recorded using the new and improved version of the same instrument, "Rayblaster 2".  Some of the sounds I designed for this album are also part of the synth's factory bank. Once again, the musical style is that of electronic movie soundtracks from the 80's.  A huge thank you to Tone2's Markus Krause for developing such inspirational and amazing instruments!

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