The Ancient Magus' Bride: Those Who Wander (NSFW)
Elias goes looking for Chise after she insists she needs time alone for herself. He stumbles upon something that stirs up new feelings. Be kind, it’s was my very first smut fic. Please leave feedback. 

Rating: Explicit
Fandom: 魔法使いの嫁 | Mahou Tsukai no Yome | The Ancient Magus Bride
Relationships: Elias Ainsworth x Hatori Chise
Characters: Hatori Chise, Ruth, Silver Lady, Elias Ainsworth
Additional Tags:  NSFW, Masturbation, Underage Masturbation, Voyeurism, Accidental Voyeurism, Sexual Content, Awkward Sexual Situations, Sexual Tension, Relationship Discussions
Words: 3866

It was a fairly warm autumn afternoon. Elias sat in his study with the windows open, letting the natural light and breeze wash over the room, going over the notes of Chise’s last lesson. Her handwriting was improving; when she first came, she spoke English well but wasn’t as good at reading or writing it. Her first few written assignments were illegible, but her practice was paying off.

She still had an annoying habit of writing private notes to herself in Japanese kanji. He was just going to have to learn Japanese at some point. One such note caught his attention, as there was an arrow pointing from it to a paragraph about lake sprites and a question mark beside it.

Sighing, he rose from his chair, intent on asking her what about the subject matter was confusing her so he could help. She wasn’t in her bedroom, or his bedroom, or the sitting room, or the kitchen, or the garden.

“Silver?” Elias called. Silver came walking out of the kitchen, scrubbing her hands on a washcloth. “Did Chise go somewhere?”

The Silky nodded and handed him a note from her pocket.


   Ruth and I are going for a short walk. We aren’t going far. We’ll be back before dinner. Love you. 


Elias sighed. He wished she would tell him these things before going and doing as she pleased. Then again, maybe she had and he’d been too busy to notice. He needed to start paying better attention.

Taking his robe from the rack near the door, he swung it over his shoulders and stepped out of the front door, tuning his mind to the adder stone around her neck. It was almost like sonar; his mind put out a call to it and he’d get a ping back with it’s location. He saw the shine of it’s magical tracking spell glimmering to the southwest along the edge of the forest. He melted into the shadow that ran along the house, passed into the treeline and followed the darkness through the forest, homing in on the glimmer.

He reformed on the spot where the stone brought him, and found only Ruth there, pacing restlessly. He was wearing the adder stone around his neck.

“Ruth?” Elias said, surprised. “Where is Chise?”

“She went off alone,” Ruth said, though he was clearly anxious about it. “She said she wanted some time to herself.”

Elias grew frustrated. “Why?”

“I don’t know,” The grim admitted. “She wouldn’t tell me. And she’s blocking me from her thoughts. She told me she hadn’t had a single second alone in months and she just wanted some time to be on her own.”

Elias crossed his arms, huffing impatiently. “She knows the forest is dangerous. I can’t believe she would do something so reckless.” He touch his hand to his forehead. “What am I saying? Of course I can.” He dissolved back into the shadows. “I’ll find her.”

“Wait, Elias, she was pretty adamant that she didn’t want company. Besides, she’d alert me if there was danger. She’ll be pretty mad that you followed her,” Ruth warned him.

“I can suffer her anger well enough,” Elias retorted. He couldn’t suffer something happening to her. That silly girl. When was she going to take her own safety seriously?

“Well, I’m waiting here, like she told me,” Ruth said, lying down. “Better if you catch all her fury than both of us.”

Elias would have smiled if he could. He took off quickly, shooting through the undergrowth and shrubs, sniffing here and there for her. Her smell was distinctive. It reminded him of his garden outside of the house, likely because she spent so much time there. Intermingled with the smell of flowers and earth was also the smell of spring rain, warm bread, and wood ash for some reason. He’d know her scent anywhere. He flitted to and fro, sniffing and searching for her fragrance.

He finally caught a faint whiff of her aroma and adjusted his trajectory to follow it. He could tell he was getting closer as the smell was growing stronger, although there was another scent underlying it, a strange musk that he didn’t recognize, though it was enticing in a way he didn’t quite understand.

He slowed to a stop when he stumbled upon a clearing near a small, running stream. There he saw Chise lying  next to the stream under the shade of a large willow tree. He was about to reveal himself and scold her for coming out here on her own, but something about her posture and the soft sounds she was making gave him pause.

She lay flat on her back with her green coat rolled up and tucked under her head. Her eyes were half closed and her lips pursed. The skin of her neck and cheeks were very pink.  Her inhales were deep and gasping, her exhales sharp and shuddering, and her chest rose and fell in quick bursts.

He looked down her body as it lay in the grass and saw that she had shed her shoes and leggings, which lay to the side, and flipped up her skirt to reveal her undergarments. Her legs lay open, knees bent, and one of her hands had slipped under the fabric of her underwear, her fingers moving in a steady circular rhythm. Her other hand gripped the soft flesh of the inside of her left thigh, her nails digging into the skin. She was emitting a series of soft noises, little moans and whimpering sighs, and she bit her lip as if to stifle them.

He was seized with a sudden intense curiosity that kept him motionless, stopping him from interrupting her. At first he thought she was hurting herself. He had never seen anyone do this to themselves and was not at all sure what was taking place. He couldn’t imagine why she was doing it, but he continued to observe her as her left hand moved from her thigh, reaching up underneath her sweater to touch her breast. The movements of her fingers on the right hand accelerated. Her body responded by spasming and twitching. The sounds that escaped her became more frequent, though it seems she was still attempting to keep quiet.

The muscles in her legs tensed, and the movement of her fingers became frantic and and frenzied. Her toes curled and her spine arched. Her head fell back, leaving her neck fully exposed, and her eyes closed completely as her body stiffened and stretched, her feet lifted off the ground. She failed to stop a quivering moan from bursting out of her, long-sustained and high in pitch. Her entire body was rigid and shaking, her breathing ragged and explosive. She almost seemed to levitate off of the ground.

Then, all at once, she relaxed and went mostly limp. She let out a contented sigh, and the slow, circular motion of her fingers resumed, the muscles of her thighs jumping at the pressure.  

The strange musk he had smelled while searching was coming from her, he realized, from that sensitive, secret place that her fingers caressed and stroked. It suddenly occurred to him that she wasn’t hurting herself, she was pleasuring herself. He was breathing in her arousal.

A strange confluence of feelings began to swirl within him. He felt a tingle in his spine and a pulsing at his midsection. His heart pounded in his chest and there was an intense heat bubbling up in him. The parallel part of his anatomy began to jump and twitch. He felt several strong urges, but he was only familiar with one of them.


He was hungry. But this hunger was new, surprising, and incredibly exciting. He was familiar with the concept of sex, but until this very moment, he had no desire to pursue it. The vision of her face at the moment of climax, the tightness of her body when she reached the peak of excitement, had stirred something up inside him, and now he couldn’t think of anything else.

Deep in the darkest, primal corners of his mind, the part he had grown adept at subduing, he had wondered what it would feel like to sink his teeth into her flesh, how satisfying it would be to devour her, how invigorating her magic would be when he digested it and it became a part of him.

Now, he was wondering the exact same thing in a completely new context. He wondered if every inch of her body would be as delicious as her blood was to him. He wanted to use his tongue to bathe that aromatic sweet spot her fingers touched and massaged. He wanted to feel her touch him with the same confidence she exhibited when she touched herself.

Now he couldn’t help but imagine her underneath him in his bed, that feverish blush painted on her skin and those glittering eyes looking up at him, half-closed in ecstasy. He imagined breathing in the sweet aroma of her natural scent mixed with the intoxicating perfume of her heated, excited body. He wanted to feel those gentle moans breathed into his skin as her body writhed against his.

He pushed the thoughts, enticing though they were, out of his head. He couldn’t allow himself to think these things. Chise couldn’t possibly see him as a sexual partner. She cared for him and had a deep affection for him, but this was a line he was certain she would never cross. For all she knew, he may not have even had the necessary components to be intimate with her. No, she’d never want to be with him. He knew that. He’d always known it.

He stayed in the shadows as she brought herself to the brink of pleasure for a second time. Then a third, and a fourth. The fifth time her body seized up with the stimulation of her own hand and then unwound, she finally pulled her fingers from the wet, warm spot she had created and pushed her skirt back down, crossing her ankles. She then lay there for several moments to catch her breath, hands clasped on her stomach and sighing in satisfaction, her face peaceful.

Elias thought it would be prudent to take this time to make his exit, but he found he could not look away from her supine form. Her eyes were closed, her brow damp with sweat, and her mouth formed a contented smile. Her breast finally stopped heaving with the exertion and she inhaled and exhaled deeply.

Eventually, she opened her eyes and stood to put her tights and shoes back on, then went to the stream to wash her hands and face, taking a few sips while she was as it. She took a handful of water and rubbed it on the back of her neck, closing her eyes, the smile still on her face.

Suddenly her eyes snapped open, and she looked around herself in suspicion, as though she was just alerted to the presence of another nearby. Elias slipped away from her hiding place and sped back toward the road. He was hoping to catch her as she stumbled back onto the trail home.

After five minutes, she did just that, tripping over a root as she walked back out into the sunlight. When she saw Elias standing there, she stopped dead in her tracks, the color draining from her face.

“Hello, Chise,” He said quietly.

“What are you doing out here?” Chise asked him.

“Looking for you,” Elias replied. He drew her notes out of his sleeve and showed it to her. “I can’t read your notes. What about the subject of lake sprites has you puzzled?”

Chise breathed a sigh of relief. “No, not puzzled. I was just comparing them to kappas, which are river demons in Japan. I was wondering if there was a correlation between the species.”

“Ah, I see,” Elias said. He folded the notes and returned them to his sleeve, and they set off up the road back home.

“I’ve told Ruth that you and I are on our way back and to meet us at the house,” Chise said.

“That’s good. He did tell me you wished to be alone.”

“I’m glad at least he listens to me,” Chise grumbled.

“You know it’s dangerous to go into the forest by yourself. You seem to delight in knowingly putting yourself in danger and it continues to thoroughly baffle me,” Elias admonished her. “That clearing was relatively free of fae, but you could have attracted all kinds of trouble had you stayed there much longer.”

Chise had stopped abruptly. She stared at Elias with her eyes and mouth wide open.

“You found me there?” She asked him. Her voice had gone rather squeaky.

“I did,” Elias answered.

“What did you see?” She asked trepidatiously.

Elias was silent for a moment, debating whether to tell her the truth.

“Enough,” He replied eventually.

Her face went red as a beet and she hid behind her hands, leaning against the road wall.

“Oh no, oh no, oh no,” She mumbled, he words muffled by her fingers. “Please don’t tell me you saw what I think you saw!”

“Are you embarrassed?” Elias asked.

Yes!” Chise said loudly. “I’m absolutely mortified! No one is supposed to see that!”


“It’s private!” She exclaimed. “Would you want people to see you doing that?”

“I’ve never done it, so I wouldn’t know,” Elias admitted.

That took her aback, her humiliation briefly forgotten. “Never?”

“No,” He said, sitting on the wall with her.

She was silent for a couple of minutes. “Can you?”

He looked over at her. “Pardon?”

She came at the question from a different angle. “I know you can take any form you like, but you identify as male, right?”


“So… do you…have…” She faltered to a stop, waving vaguely at his midsection.

He was confused for a moment, but then he said, “Oh, I see. You’re asking if this form has biologically male parts, yes?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Yes, it does.” He paused thoughtfully. “Although, I am capable of changing it at will, like my face. Would it be better if I had female parts?”

“No, no, that’s okay,” She said, although she would file that away for later. “Have you ever felt… aroused?”

“Sexually, you mean?”


He paused to think about it. “I’m not sure. I don’t believe so. Not until today.”

“Today?” She asked, looking up at him.

He didn’t answer, but she inferred his meaning and blushed.

“You’ve never been with another person? Either human or fae?” She asked him.

“No,” Elias said. “Humans tend to be too frightened of me and the fae find me repulsive. I’ve actively avoided spending much time with either race for most of my life. I’ve never gotten close enough to another to even consider such a thing. Not before you.”

“There’s Silky and Lindel,” Chise pointed out.

“Yes, but Lindel is even more of a solitary being than I am, and Silver’s not one for conversation,” Elias said, chuckling. “She has taken care of the house since before I bought the land. We are friendly, but I wouldn’t say we’re close.”

“Hmm,” Chise said. They fell silent for a few minutes, staring out over the field.

“Chise,” Elias began. “What caused you to seek solitude today? What prompted this… need for release?”

Chise blushed even harder. “I had a dream last night.”


She hid her face and mumbled something.


“I dreamed about you,” She said finally, not meeting his eye.

Oh. “What took place in this dream of yours?” He asked, intrigued.

“Just…touching,” She said, still muffled by her hands. “You touching me, me touching you.”

“What kind of touching?”

Her blush was spreading to her neck and chest. “Like what you saw in the clearing, only to each other.”

“You said that was private.”

“Yes,” she said bashfully. “But you can also share it with a sexual partner, if the two people are inclined to it. In the dream, it almost went further than touching, but I woke up before that part.”

Elias was silenced. Did she actually see him as a person to which she would willingly give her body? He had trouble believing it.

“Chise…do you consider me to be a viable partner for sexual intimacy?”

“Yes,” She said without hesitation. She looked up into his eyes, and though she still blushed scarlet, he could see she was telling the truth.

His heart lifted. “Truly?”

She laughed a gentle laugh. “You know, for someone who’s supposed to be arrogant, you have a pretty low opinion of yourself.” She hooked her arm in his and rested her head against him. “I love you, Elias. You’re the only one I want to be with.”

His jaw hung open in amazement. She wanted him. She wanted him as he was, no glamours, no human disguise, no tricks, no traps. She knew him, with all his flawed views and limited understanding and slow grasp of what it was to he human, and yet… she still wanted him.

“Do you consider me a viable partner?” She asked in return.

“I consider you to be the only viable partner,” He replied simply.

She looked down and away, but a soft smile lit her features.

“Should we?” He asked her.

“Should we what?”

“Be intimate with each other.”

She looked at him, the flush of her skin as red as ever, but considered the idea.

“I’m still young,” she said. “It wouldn’t be legal.”

“Buying you wasn’t legal,” He reminded her.

“True,” She admitted. “But this is different. More to the point, you and I are still figuring out what our relationship is and determining what we're comfortable with. Neither of us know all that much about how to be with another person. Just being physically affectionate is still a big deal for me. There’s a lot more to learn for the both of us. I think being becoming sexually active is a huge leap that, honestly, neither of us are ready for.”

“I believe you may be right about that,” Elias said. “So what would you suggest?”

She thought about it. “Eighteen is the legal age of consent in most developed countries. For me, that’s fifteen months away. I think that might be a good amount of time to wait. It’ll give us plenty of time to learn what we need to know about each other to be good together.” She looked up at him. “What do you think?”

“I think that sounds reasonable,” He replied. “Very well. We shall wait.”

“In the meantime,” Chise said, jumping down off of the wall. “Perhaps you should explore your body a little. See if you can find pleasure in it, like I do with mine. It could be a private experiment. You might be surprised at the results.”

“Perhaps I will,” He mused. “But perhaps I won’t. I supposed I will have to see if the mood strikes me.”

“That’s fair,” She said. “You may not, and that’s okay. Not everyone is built the same, that way.” She held out her hand to him. “We should get back. Ruth says dinner will be ready soon and he’s getting anxious.”

Elias took her hand and stood up, and they walked back toward the house.

“I’d appreciate it if you didn’t mention what you saw to either Ruth or Silver,” Chise said.

“Because it’s embarrassing?” He asked.


“Ruth was rather put out that you had blocked your connection with him,” Elias said.

“Trust me, he doesn’t need to know everything that’s knocking around in my head. It’s for his benefit as much as it is mine,” She replied. “There are some things you just need to keep to yourself.”

“You talked to me about it,” Elias pointed out.

“Yeah, well, you didn’t give me much choice, did you?” She said sourly. “But, to tell the truth, I’m kind of glad we had this conversation, as mortifying as it was.”

“Why is that?”

“It’s good to have a definitive outline of your relationship with another person; what you want from it, what you don’t want. I think talking about this will save us both some embarrassment in the future.”

“Hmm.” Elias hummed. “Perhaps.”

For a few minutes they walked in silence, her hand in his.

“Elias?” She asked slowly.


“I was just curious.” Again she blushed and failed to meet his eye. “How did you feel? Watching me, I mean?”

He thought back to seeing her in the clearing. Her back arching, the sounds of her pleasure, the scent of her sweat and arousal in the air.

“Hot…” He said. “And hungry.”

“Hungry?” She asked. Her voice held no judgment.

“Yes, but not to eat,” He interjected quickly. “A different type of hunger. Desire, I think you might call it. It was foreign to me.”

“I get that,” Chise said.

“You do?” Elias asked, looking at her in surprise.

“Yes,” She looked up at him and smiled slyly. “That feeling is what drove me to be alone in the first place.”

He considered this. “If I were to experiment with these new sensations, could I talk about it with you? You’re the only frame of reference I have.”

“Yes,” She said. “But, again, it’s a private matter, just between the two of us. I’d prefer it if we were alone.”

“I think I understand. If I were to imagine myself in a similar situation as to the one you were just in, I think it would be rather awkward if another person observed me doing it.”


“Unless it was you,” He said, finishing his thought.

She looked up at him from the fringe of her lashes. “You wouldn’t mind if I watched you touch yourself?”

“No, I don’t think I would. I saw you. It’s only fair.”

That was something to think about. Her face was hard to read, but he thought she might be curious. But they saw the house in the distant and Ruth running up to them.

“Perhaps it’s best if we table this discussion for now,” Elias suggested.

“I agree.” Chise looked up at him and gave him a cheeky wink. “Later then.”

They smelled roasted beef and grilled vegetables wafting through the air, and Ruth greeted them with a wag of his tail. He could sense they were in a good mood, so his fears that they’d return furious with each other dissipated. Chise retrieved her necklace from Ruth and placed it back over her head. Elias scolded her about taking it off in the first place, but in a good-natured sort of way. Ruth was still confused about the whole situation, but accepted the outcome without grumbling about it. They all went inside and seated themselves for dinner.

There was a new tension now between Elias and Chise, heavy and tantalizing, but only they were aware of it. Fifteen months hadn’t seemed like such a long time before, but catching Chise’s little glances and flirty half smiles throughout dinner, Elias thought it might feel like an eternity.

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