Ancient Spruce
The tall, centuries old Red Spruce at Gaudineer Knob in West Virginia is a rare example of virgin, untimbered forest in America.  Carpeted by an understory of saplings and lush green moss, the primeval gauntlet of trees yield only a little space filled with an eerie silence and fog. (GPS:38.615570, -79.843802)

Gaudineer Knob is a very unique area, located about halfway between Spruce Knob and Marlinton.  It can most easily be combined with a trip to Green Bank or Cass, or as a side trip if you're traversing the state via the Seneca Trail.  A well maintained gravel road takes you right to the top where you can see this scene right off the parking lot.  From there begins an easy 0.5 mile loop trail that takes you through picnic areas among the giant trees and an overlook with a southward facing view of the sweeping Allegheny Front.   There are other short trails in the area as well, and the nearby Cheat Fort Mountain Summit, although, I have not had the time to explore either of these.

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