And another update...
Wahey. We nailed the drums and I screamed a vocal take for PLEASE DIE that was rather unexpected but... But.

Still, the song is not done, and merits more work. So I won´t post it today. Not even a demo as I usually do.

But. I´ll tell you more about it.

I had, a few days ago,wee hours-ish, sudden doubts about the lyric, and the whole thing. What if, what I wrote, seem unreal, hilarious, or even hurtful to someone who has actually suffered abuse? A terrible thought.

So I had the idea to ask around in the Amanda Palmer- Patreon- Group whereI already knew a lot of hurt souls dare to talk about their inner ongoings. I did not expect much of a response. I askedwho might be willing to read the lyrics and tell me whether I was plain wrong, and offered an anonymous email adress.

I got about a dozen responses, all open, some even as a public comment, some as message. All of them said, basically,that I nailed it even if the change of perspective was difficult to follow (I´ll leave that as it is and use it for the video). They told me bits and pieces of their stories. 

I cried a lot reading these messages.

So I´ll put more effort into making this song good.But no worries.You WILL get it, and in this year still.

I´ll even make more than one version of it. Everyonewill get early access to listen and read the lyrics. 3,- patrons will get the full recording as download of course. 10,- patrons will get, in addition, a piano-vocal-only version,close to my very first idea. And of course there will be the videoat some point.

So that you don´t go entirely without music this month, here´s some videos I posted in the last days and weeks you might have missed...?

I didn´t THING How Much, as it was, basically a live recording plus the visuals for the live show, but hey, it´´s close to an official video :-D

And the Steamball from March!

What´s happening now? Sunday, I´ll perform with the Full Moon Players the first ever feline&strange dance theatre show. You´ll get the recording of the first song, LITTLE BOXES, as Thing for everyone, the 2nd song, ON THE RUN, will be for 7,-+ patrons, but the 3rd song, LILITH with me doing the FULL striptease for the first time ever, goes to 15,-+ patrons only :-D 

The week after, I am doing 2 acoustic shows, including another cable-less show! I am hoping to make a video from this so even those far away can listen to our acoustic set. 

And then, mid-December, I´ll meet with Mishkin in Rome, and we´ll make the video for our duet, CASSANDRA´S TWIN. I guess this will be ready in January.

So much going on. Thank you for making all this possible. 

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