And, I'm back!
I've updated the backer levels, so that you can now back me at whatever level and frequency you think feels right. ;) And in return, I'll be using the scanner to create digital scans of the art! You pay for art, you get art. Yes. And there are even levels at which you get signed prints! Or original art! 

In the coming year, art is going to be more of a focus, for my mental and spiritual health. Because screw it, the world is bleak and I need pigment and color and pretties. 

So, new updates coming soon, new art, scans of some finished pieces that I'm especially proud of... Brace yourselves, art is coming.

Tier Benefits
Pledge $1 or more per Pretty Pictures
1 patron
Support me at this level and get access to a high quality scanned version of my art, that you can run to your local UPS store or Kinko's or whatever and have printed in very high quality, and then frame and hang on your wall. That's right, it's a DIY print operation here! I know that locally to me, an 8 x 11 inch print at the UPS store is $0.53. Oh, and don't use it for commercial purposes. 
Pledge $2 or more per Pretty Pictures
1 patron
At the $2 per art level, you get better art? Just kidding, it's the same art, but twice the satisfaction for you! ;) You can still print it, and hang it up, but don't use it for commercial purposes, ok? Thanks.
Pledge $5 or more per Pretty Pictures
0 patrons
For $5 you get your pick of one art thing in each month, that I will print and sign and mail to you! A signed, by definition limited edition print, mailed by me to you with love. Also, you still get access to all the scanned prints, to print yourself, but those obviously won't be signed, which is sad.
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