And now for something a little different...

Earlier this year, we made a few episodes of this...
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*Pshht! High five! - Thanks for giving what you can.

We understand that putting up five bucks can sometimes be a challenge. We'd gladly accept any form of support you can put aside for us. For the price of a large double-double, you can help us make more awesome stuff. Thanks!
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Printables! - A big ole' folder of stuff to game with.

Over the past two years, we've made a whole bunch of stuff. At this tier, you'll be given access to a downloadable archive of printable game materials that includes; Post Event's core rule book and starter campaign, Angor - a 10K word campaign setting in a high-fantasy, immersive world and finally a comprehensive magic system that can be employed against any tabletop RPG.  
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Podcast Picker - Pick a review / podcast topic.

We record weekly. Get your topics on the air!

For one episode per month, you can select either; a podcast topic or a game of your choice for us to review on the podcast. In our typical conversations, we cover this stuff anyways, you just get to steer the ship. We'll totally give you props on social stuff too. Oh yeah, you'll get access to the game materials listed above, too!
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Steam Keys - Yeah, like, actual games.

Here's the idea, once per month, you'll be given access to our database of Steam keys. You'll pick two. One, you'll get to keep for yourself while the other will be enlisted to us, to give away on our show, in the store or otherwise, to somebody from the little gaming community that is springing up around the Bench. Sure, you can submit your ideas for a podcast topic too, and we'll get your paper games to you too. Whew, that's one heck of a haul!
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Super Official Sponsor - Podcasts, Pre-show ads, Sponsor page, Website ads, Social shout outs.

We're looking to forge relationships with local businesses that 'get' us. With this tier, expect ads on our website and our podcast. Expect social media shout outs. Expect your flag flying proudly at our events. Expect us... you know, without all the Guy Fawkes masks.

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