And so begins Katsucon 2016
Hey everyone, Malik here. Right now I'm hiding out in a hotel bathroom typing this up, trying not to wake up my roommates. Once again, I'll be staffing here at Katsucon in the Japanese Cultural Institute. If you're at the con, be sure to flag me down. This year marks the 11th consecutive year I've attended this particular convention. Back in 2005 was the very first time I ever set foot in an anime convention and I honestly had no idea how much of an impact it would have. Back then I was way more of a loner and my idea of a social event was hanging out in the hallways with one or two friends who were also avoiding some required school function. Over the years of coming to Katsu and a few other local conventions, I've somehow managed to amass a decent sized circle of people I know simply as my "con family." Over the course of the weekend, my goal is to track down some of these awesome nerds and catch up on all that's happened over the years. In addition to all the photos of codplayers, I'll include some portraits of a few of the awesome people who keep giving me a reason to come back every year. Be sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter @theAzureTravelr to keep up with the details of this weekend's adventures!