And so it begins
SO... we've launched, or soft launched, we'll launch officially when we have something to show.

To any of the super early people that have already given their support, god damn you guys are quick, but just to be clear, we still have a long road ahead as far as development goes, at the moment we have a handful of assets and a basic Team Deathmatch game that doesnt feel very Dystopia at all, with that in mind you can feel free to withdraw your pledge, I'm not trying to scare you off but as i said, we still have a long ways to go and to be honest we didnt expect anyone to pledge without seeing some sort of content.

To give you a rough idea, heres where we're currently at, It's a prototype highpoly mesh of the corp head, its nowhere near done/final, but its where we stand on an asset at this moment.

Keep in mind that this entire project is spare time based, so there might be times where we slow down / speed up depending on our own RL commitments