and somehow, the yellow heart must gather dust
bird with no wing on my wrist
an unafraid fly
on finger

black burning ox
gifting me scars
for the bird with no wing on my wrist

typhon in the stomach
wresting with pig
drowned in curry
praying to typhon

venus, naked, in heart space
alone at the bar is me
clinical spirit
a toast to the kissing woman
a toad for all my company
feeding the pelican of venus

white horse fragrance
digging cement playfields
white wet wipes
remains of fantasy and terror and basement epiphanies
trampled by white horse
consumed by white horse

burial musings

music for forgetting

vanishing ink

erasure of graves and graces

erasure of notes on a musical scale

page turning to sociopath
page turning to blank spatial configs
page turning to miscal errors
page turning the knife on itself