And Sometimes How
Do you remember learning how to write a report as a kid? You had to think about the Who, What, Where, When, Why, and sometimes How (I never understood why How only got the occasional shoutout, like poor 'Y' as a vowel).

I've never been as interested in the first four questions - the Who, What, Where, and When. They are very important and I'm grateful for the people who do care about those questions, but for me their value is primarily in their ability to help me understand the Why and How.

For this reason, History was never my favorite subject in school. Maybe I hadn't yet developed my insatiable appetite for understanding the Why and How, but in looking back, it seems like none of my teachers cared either. But in the last couple years I started reading a LOT more than ever before, and I have finally found a type of history that I really enjoy: biographies. These in-depth stories about a person's life get past the basic facts of history that I learned in school (learned is a generous term here), and into the details that actually give meaning to history.

Anyway, today it hit me that I need to be writing book report blogs on each of the books I read - for you, but even more so for myself, to help understand and retain my newfound knowledge. So I will, and you better believe I'll be focusing on the Why and How. First up is a fascinating biography that I devoured in a week: Dietrich Bonhoeffer, coming soon.