And the Warding Book is Done!!
After long last, the warding book is done! It is currently up for pre-order on smashwords but EVERYONE here will be getting the book for free.

The manuscript is currently being gently torn apart and prettied up by an editor and I'm aiming for the Dark Moon of September (the 19th) for a release day because who doesn't love their witchcraft and witchcraft book releases timed with Lunar events? 

Once the book is released, I will post a coupon code here for so everyone -even $1 patrons- can get the book completely free.

I'm still looking at how to get the book up on amazon without having to deal with their bs exclusivity.

For those who don't know: smashwords is an ebook publishing platform for indie authors. They offer a lot of perks vs amazon including a far larger distribution network. All books from them will work on a kindle, any other ereader device or format you can think of. Like I said, a lot of perks vs exclusive publishing through amazon. Only catch is that you have to create an account with them to purchase/download books.

Here is the link to the book page:

Let me know what you think of the cover! :D