It's been a quiet couple of months at the Aletheian Society. It's LARP season, which always gets in the way of productivity, and the team have been working on a few other projects of their own. Jude and Chris both have short stories coming out in a variety of anthologies, including the wonderful Haunted Voices Anthology of Scottish Gothic Storytelling ( Meanwhile, Stoo's been working on his splendid new tabletop RPG  Aegean (, as well as the rewards for our Season 3 kickstarter.

Suddenly, though, it's time for Season 3! The episodes are coming together nicely, and we're seeing a real difference in the sound quality as a result of our proper studio recording. We've got a mini documentary about the making of Season 3 to release, and we're presently writing the scripts for our upcoming live show for Tabletop Scotland ( And if that wasn't enough, we've finalised the lineup for our anthology of short stories set in the world of the Aletheian Society, and it's looking pretty damn exciting. We'll be sharing a little bit more about our authors and their stories over the coming weeks, and as always our lovely Patreons will be the first to know!


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