And We're Back!!!
Hello everyone! We're officially back and settled in after taking October off for my wedding and honeymoon. The wedding was excellent (after a near-miss tango with a hurricane), and the trip to Paris and London was nothing short of inspiring.

Thank you all so much for your patience during the month we had off. As you've probably noticed, Patreon did not charge you for the month of October. However, I've just uploaded the months backlog of pages and behind the scenes elements. That means you get an entire month's worth of content for free!

Here's whats happening going forward:

-After this week, we'll get back to the routine of Patrons getting to see pages earlier in the week than anyone else!

-You'll notice that I have, temporarily, deleted the $5 studio broadcast tier. It became apparent that we wouldn't be able to accomodate everyones schedule. I would like to bring the tier back, with a different reward soon. I've already had some great suggestions, but if you have a reward you'd like to see in it's place, please let me know!

-I will continue to do occasional broadcasts for the public at large via Periscope, so be sure to follow me on twitter to recieve notices when those happen

-For those Patrons who have paid the tier to recieve an original drawing from me and have not recieved it yet, please let me know what you would like for your piece. It's done on smaller watercolor paper, so 1-2 characters is best. However, if you have something else in mind, let me know and we'll see what we can work out. I would like, if at all possible, to have those reward packages sent off in time for the holidays.

Again, thank you all so much for your support of the story so far. I'm now working on ESTRANGED as a full time job, and I'm racing to have it ready in time to go to print! It means so much to me, as I write this in my studio with naught but my dog for company, that there is a community along on this journey with me. Thank you!

With love,

Ethan M. Aldridge