And while I´ve got nothing else to do...
... I´m making bookings! To keep you in the loop first, 

- Video release party and show in Berlin: March 10th, 12Grad Aetherloge!

- April: the Full Moon Cabaret hunts down London, including the dance theatre movements and probably a few more F&S shows. More details soon, dates are April 10th to 15th.

- right after that, Hereford as headliner on April 28th, and then jetting to Hamburg for Aethercircus as Sunday headliner on 29th! I really feel like a rockstar now :-D

- WGT Leipzig! we´re playing twice, on Sunday May 20th! first charity for Veid e.V., and then with the whole Steampunk Records bunch right from UK in the SIxtina.

- Northstar is Rising again soon, and July will not only see us playing there on 13th but also with Mishkin again in Edinburgh thanks to Atticus Oldman who brought us together in the first place last year - and see what happened!!

- Oh yes, and the Full Moon Cabaret will play at Edinburgh Fringe, and probably Feline&Strange as well.

More soon -I hope! If you have any suggestions, they´re very welcome, because, as you know, no one wants to be our booker, I wonder why...? 

Oh yes, and in case you want to be in our next video - that´s the double feature HOW MUCH and ON THE RUN, and I need a bunch of Victorian Asylum inmates running through Berlin :-D First weekend of April!

hectically yours, 



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