And the winner is...
I have tallied the votes for the next vlog, and the results are:

Star vs. Evil: 6

Over the Garden Wall: 6

Foster's Home: 3

Adventure Time: 2

So we have a TIE between Star vs. Evil and Over the Garden Wall! That means I get the deciding vote, and what I decide is... I'll do both! I will start with Over the Garden Wall, which is fairly short. Then, when that's done, if Steven Universe S2 isn't finished airing yet, I'll do Star. (Otherwise, I'll do SU, then Star.)

So stay tuned for my first Over the Garden Wall vlog!

But not right away, I'm afraid, as I'm down with a cold and currently sound like the terrifying offspring of a duck and a foghorn, so I won't be recording anything this weekend. I'm going to try to get both last weekend's and this weekend's NA posts done this weekend, and two vlogs next weekend (unless I miraculously get better this weekend). Sorry!