And the Winners are…
Don't worry, I didn't forget to pick random winners for this month $10 & $20 drawing yet! Here we go! The winner of the $10 tier is Reuben Gingerich! The winner of the $20 tier is Kyle Davis (AGAIN!) So this is a little strange because this is the second one of my cousins who has been randomly picked. Trust me, I'm not playing favorites here. I just pick a random number and then count through all the names in the tier list starting from a random person until I hit the number I randomly picked. Congrats Rueben! Also Kyle is a winner again this month for the $20 tier. Serious, I just drew names out of a hat. It was random!!!! Please believe me!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!! Okay. So, let me know what you guys want (reMIND or Sithrah) and I'll do my best to send you something cool soon. Thanks again for your support everyone! See you soon, Jason
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