And You May Find Yourself...
Since 12am tonight is the last chance to sponsor Ordinary Nomad for the month of February, I've compiled this list of 10 reasons sponsoring my non-award winning website is a good idea:

1) You like my writing

2) You've learned something from my writing over the years

3) You want to see me keep traveling 

4) You want to see me live in a place that doesn't have bedbugs

5) You like the pictures I post on the blog and on Instagram

6) Pity

7) You appreciate that I dedicate five mornings a week to writing this blog

8) You want the rewards (the first reward is my book Dan's Perfect Life which just came out on Amazon but is yours free for as little as a $1 subscription) and other rewards are in the works. Videos? A say in blog topics? You tell me.

9) You want to have a clean conscious

and the last reason....