Andy: A Little Miracle #3
 as said a Nichijou reference to their little skit of "a little miracle" 

In this one, this is awhile after Andy left home, he's around 14 in this which is why he's still a bit taller than Stanley and Willy. Even though if Stanley and Willy were to meet Willy now, Stanley would be 12 and Willy would be 11. However, they didn't meet until Andy was 16. 
While he's out on the street, he's all by himself. 
But not for long.
This is just an idealistic situation of how Andy would've meet his pet dog Spatter who was also a stray. 
He figured that at least...if he's going to be on his own, why not have a pet to stay by his side? 
Especially a pet that has no owner.
So actually what was under his hat, was actually another bandanna (not currently at 16)
So this whole time, Spatter had one of Andy's personal bandanna's 
It sure is a little miracle...when you find yourself a little friend. 

I have two more in mind, but I'm kind of tired. I'll make them later tomorrow. 

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