Angel Bunny
Sadly, our momma bunny named Angel got sick last Thursday after having a problem giving birth. The vet thinks she had a deceased baby still stuck inside her, but there was no good way to get it out. The vets were closed for the holiday weekend, and by the time we could get her in on Monday it was too late. She died Monday night after putting up a good fight and finally giving up and cuddling into my lap. She may have been the meanest rabbit I've ever met, but she was a great mom and a fighter. She survived having a toe bit off by a dog, getting an infection in that toe, and fought off illness for five days when most die within two. She was a strong girl, and she will be missed.

Now Angel is her namesake. May you have unending green fields to play in and all the grass you can eat. I hope you're with the babies you lost now. ;-;